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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Time For Change!

Afternoon Family I hope you all are doing well! Today's post is actually more on a personal note! After ten long years I have finally decided to say goodbye ......

LOL .... noooooo, PAUSE, why would you all think something like that I could never leave you all! LOL ... What I'm saying is, goodbye to my hair! Yes! That's right, I am finally cutting my hair after ten long years of growing my loc's!

I felt that since I'm sharing everything else with you I might as well share this as well!  I'm not Scared at all just ready for change!  Have you ever felt something in the air and knew that if you didn't reevaluate you current situation and adjust accordingly then you would become obsolete?! Well, thats what I feel in the air right now! I feel it whisper to me telling me its time to change and to start moving in a new direction starting first with my outward appearance while ever still cultivating the emotional, mental and spiritual condition of me!

We as a people must continue to evolve who we are and who we think we are! I'm reminded of and old church folk country saying "Don't Allow You're Gifting's To Take You To A Place Where Your Character Can't Keep You!"  We all have talents that God has instilled into every one of us and it is important that we continue to connect with our creative talents that God has placed in us as often as possible, because through those talents we bring healing into our own lives and the lives of those whom our talents encounter!  Have you ever wondered why a particular song or poem can totally change your mood and the atmosphere you are currently in?!  Thats because the talents that went forth in producing that work was ordained by God to be placed in that person to serve a purpose!  One of the great side-effects of that purpose is the healing aspect it produces too, for the creators of it as well as its partakers!

Incase you think that I'm just making this up studies show that music such a Mozart being played in the room of an individual who is ill has shown to have quantitative evidence of that person having a faster and more tolerable recovery process.  To kind of sum up all of what I'm trying to say is basically we have to be humble enough to allow our gifts to make room for us and sometimes that means we have to revamp the packaging i.e us so that we make our talents even more accessible!  We open the door even wider inviting an even larger viewing audience to see the talent and not get caught up on the packaging! So when the air moves and the wind speaks I recommend you listen!

As always I Love You All and continue to BE BLESSED ...... Darryl Dwayne Out!!


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