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Friday, September 24, 2010

Exclusive Inside Look Of Launch Party For OliveCoco Magazine!

Good Morning Family! I hope Your week has been a pleasant one.  I'm excited to now officially announce the launch of OliveCoco Online Magazine!  They had their official launch take place earlier this week.  If you weren't there at the launch party of OliveCoco you really missed out!

 Even-though it was invite only I had to share with my family some of the exclusive photos from the event! You know I love ya'll so I managed to snag some insider exclusives with the founders of OliveCoco and some photo ops with the guest at the launch party!

If that wasn't enough and you want more make sure to check out the video footage and enjoy!  Press Play To See Video Clips From OliveCoco Magazine Launch Party..........

This is a really dope magazine that caters to all women of all different ethnic origins unlike many other publications that only target one or two demographics!  I feel like what better time for a magazine such as this with so many whom are biracial and for those whom's nationalities aren't given a voice by mainstream media. We should be embracing all races and creeds and find a way to make us all relatable to one another! OliveCoco does just that for the modern woman of today! This modern woman of today is fully aware of who she is and where she comes from but she can equally embrace her sisters of all creeds black, white, indian, hispanic , etc., and say we must work together to get where we want in life.

I already know that this magazine will be great and look forward to seeing all that comes forth from this inspiring publication uniting women all across the globe! Well, thats my time family I hope you enjoyed!  Make sure to check out OliveCoco online at and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at thanks!  Remember to hit me up on if your already locked in @DarrylDwayne Be Blessed!

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