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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Darryl Dwayne Shoots The R&B Sensation Sanura Harris

Her music is captivating and so is her personality!  I first met Sanura Harris working as the director of Costume and Design for Indie Film "Incomplete" written and co-directed by Charles Farmer.  Working on this film allowed me and Sanura become pretty close.  After-all she was one of the lead actresses for

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tiffany Foxx For UnSound Magazine (Darryl Dwayne Goes Behind the Magazine Cover Shoot With Hip Hop Artist Tiffany Foxx)

One of the newest female hip-hop powerhouses who hits "Hard Like Sledge Hammer's" keep us mesmerized by her platinum grammar just like her mentor and super successful predecessor Lil Kim.   Being endorsed by one of the biggest female MC's is a pretty concrete start to solidifying your name in the game of hip-hop chest and making it a successful ride for the queen to take all.

I got the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the magazine cover shoot with the beautiful Tiffany Foxx for Unsound Magazine.   As I walked in on set the lights bulbs are all super bright and some what blinding.  Ironically enough some would say the star power of the beautiful Tiffany Foxx is equally as bright.

She was sitting in the make up chair while the wardrobe stylist reviewed wardrobe with creative director and editor and chief Tyson Perez-Harris.  Tiffany casually allowed makeup artist Kaye to continue accenting her beautiful entrancing eyes while occasionally glancing in the mirror to view her work.

Cordially talking with the this beautiful rap phenomena I realize that she's most certainly not your average MC.   While most rappers male and female alike are more concerned about their net worth and