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Saturday, January 30, 2010

7 Must Have Essentials For Men

thought that since I get so many questions about what are the essential items that men should always have in their wardrobe. I would give you guys my top 7 essential items for men! This is for all my urban entrepreneurs and young 
business men aspiring to look the part.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Presents FASHION & STYLE Interview with Tobias Truvillion!

Morning Family I hope that these up and down temps that are continually hammering the states hasn't completely caused a huge upset in you winter wardrobing! 65 degrees one moment and then 30 below the next with a chance of snow has all of us totally unsure on what season we are in! Speaking of temps I do know of a place where the climate is always Hot and Steamy! A place where beautiful people live and theres more drama then a Maury Povich show! Good guess but no it's not LA,

Monday, January 25, 2010

FASHION&STYLE~The New Wave Of TV Programing!

Good Morning Family and Friends! Do you know that Americans are some of the most plugged in grouping of people when it comes to Television? Yes, we are a country that watches its TV and can’t get enough of it according to the most recent polls! Well As I skip across the television and I bounce from channel to channel there does tend to be quite a bit going on in TV programming! TV offers every type of reality TV show one could imagine from channels totally dedicated to horror, science fiction, music, and even sex. However, even though we have the “Style Network” and “Bravo” to kind of curb our fashion interest my fellow fashion crazed familia! I still feel as if something is missing! Something like in-depth interviews with some of Hollywood’s newest and freshest faces and their take on style. Maybe even in-depth backstage access to fashion events and reels of some to the biggest names in the fashion and beauty business! How about in-depth coverage of the red carpet and focusing on how a wide varied group of artist who actively contribute to the ever-changing world of fashion! You know … not just random 4 and 5 min blurbs asking actors who hired someone to dress them anyway what they are wearing. I think we are tired of being fed fashion scraps! We want to be Nourished and have it done in one sitting versus have to watch several different shows just to feel as if we’ve acquired a full plate of fashion wholesomeness! Well family, today is that day! Today I bring to you “FASHION & STYLE,” brought to you by Robert Reynolds and Associates.
How about I give you just a small taste of what FASHION & STYLE will be bringing you in the very near future!


I bring to you one of the most inspirational movements in the world of mens fashion to hit state side since Columbus and his Spaniard homies crashed and introduced pants to the Indians. His name Andrew Nowell his vision is beyond basic and I'm captivated by his in-genius tailoring and streamline suiting.


Today is all about making that investment in you as a brand and for my entrepreneurs its time to seriously invest in your companies brand marketing. A lot of us get caught up in the whimsical world of fashion. We lose ourselves as we flip through the countless pages of editorials and advertisements in magazines.We inhale the aroma of fresh retail as it rolls out to the sales floor of our favorite flagship stores and boutiques. We digest the outrages prices that are attached to the garments of our favorite designer. We do all of this without a second thought, without hesitation, totally devout to our desires of owning that new luxury branded item Gucci, Louis V, Christian Dior. Why? Well it all starts with the eyes.