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Friday, September 24, 2010

Exclusive Inside Look Of Launch Party For OliveCoco Magazine!

Good Morning Family! I hope Your week has been a pleasant one.  I'm excited to now officially announce the launch of OliveCoco Online Magazine!  They had their official launch take place earlier this week.  If you weren't there at the launch party of OliveCoco you really missed out!

 Even-though it was invite only I had to share with my family some of the exclusive photos from the event! You know I love ya'll so I managed to snag some insider exclusives with the founders of OliveCoco and some photo ops with the guest at the launch party!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

EARGASMIC = (New Rock Nation Artist Miguel Jontel)

Good Morning Family! New Heat Hailing from the Rock Nation Camp! What do you get when you mix smooth melodic sounding's with clean well written lyrics easy another soon to be Grammy winning artist Miguel Jontel!

Mens Style Guide To Shopping For Woven's with June Ambrose!

Good Morning Family!  I hope that with all of you gearing up for fall that you have not forgot about you business styling basics! I know the summer vacation and break from classes has allowed you to become a little relaxed in your wardrobe choices, but as every year we must be prepared to take it from the beach back to the boardroom!

Now I have tackled this topic before but I know that some of us men folk won't listen unless we hear it from a woman's mouth! We all have said this to ourselves plenty of times before "yeah I heard what my boi said but as long as the ladies like it I could care less!"  With that being said I felt that if you're not going to listen to me then just maybe you will listen to the phenomenal, the very fashion-forward and just as equally attractive June Ambrose!  Fellas, pull out you pen and paper and take notes!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark! (New Music From The Beautiful JoJo)

Good Morning Family! Some of you may or may not remember the preteen pop princess JoJo! Well she is all grown up now and with an all grown up sound to boot! This beautiful talented musical maven has released a new mixtape titled "Can't Take That Away From Me," which is an awesome collection of well written and well produced music!  

JoJo Then and JoJo now! 

Get Ready For The Launch Of "OliveCoco Magazine"

Good morning family!  Today I wanted to share with you the this awesome new online magazine that especially caters to women of color!  Not just one demographic of women of color i.e Essence and Ebony but to "ALL" women of color no matter their ethnic origins!

Remix Image Consulting "The Journey Thus Far"

Good evening family! Glad to have you back! Today's post is just pretty much an update on all the wonderful blessings God has allowed to be placed before me! I just wanted to share a small sample of some of the projects that Remix Image Consulting has worked on thus far!

A Time For Change!

Afternoon Family I hope you all are doing well! Today's post is actually more on a personal note! After ten long years I have finally decided to say goodbye ......

A Crown Fit For Royalty

Good Afternoon Family! I hope your summer is treating has you as well as mine has! This summer has been full of surprises! One unexpected surprise that I had this summer was being asked to sit in on the judging panel for the Miss Nationals Inc Pageant!  I was totally excited about the great opportunity to be apart of a competition that imparts a strong ideal of individuality and freedom of expression to young girls!

Another New Voice For Women In Hip Hop!

Afternoon Family!  God is good and continues to bless me with the opportunity to work with very talented individuals such as this beyond talented MC Tarica June! She is a free thinker and has something to say that I feel hip hop heads need to hear! I'm not going to talk your head off about her talent because  her music say's it all! I just wanted to put her on the radar for those of you who may not already be familiar with her work.  The footage you are about to see is from the photo-shoot she hired me to work on for her over the summer! I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes footage! Press Play....

The Long Journey Home! "With Male Model Brandon Davis"

Good afternoon family! Upon my many summer excursions I happened across a few interesting people! Being a former military brat as well as having had worked for the military myself I have a high regard for all that they do!  I respect their personal commitment to keeping us safe and ensuring we continue to have the freedoms that make our country so great.  With that being said I would like to introduce to you another fresh face Mr. Brandon Davis!

A Fresh Face Just In Time To "Fall" In Place (Male Model Brien Craft)

Good Morning Family! I know have been away all summer but please do note that I missed every single one of you while I was absent! Now that we have begun a new school year and fall is fast approaching I have returned to deliver more heat for those cooler months.  This past summer has been a busy one for me and like show and tell the next few post will be all about the projects I worked on this summer! I won't bore you with every single detail and every single project just highlight a few that I think you all might find entertaining!  Starting with this fresh face I discovered over the summer!