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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Black College Experience

Being a college graduate from a HBCU I felt that I had to shed light on all of the positive things that tend to get overlooked when people speak on the topic of Historical Black Colleges!  I also wanted to show that true we may not all agree on everything but that still does not mean we should not find a way to work together and I feel that these pictures I snapped while attending my former university's homecoming weekend events show unity and a sense of love at its best on an HBCU's Campus!

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Creative Flow

Even-though I've been crazy busy it has not stopped my creative flow here are some pics of my latest work!

A pic of me that I shot and edited prior to the hair cut and removing my dread locs, this one is all about fighting with self, your are constantly in conflict with the right thing you should do and the thing that you want to do! And how even choosing the right thing can make you appear as a villain to those who don't understand your choices! "The Hero or the Villain"

A pic of me that I shot and edited "My Self Portrait"

The Color Of Unconditional Love

 Morning Family I know I've been away for a while but its been a super busy fall for me so I do apologize! But as you may already know I have been one of the contributing writers for the "Romance" section in OliveCoco Magazine now for some time.  If you haven't already checked out OliveCoco Magazine you need to do so asap! Follow the link and there you will find a plethora of my other columns.  Today I wanted to share with you one of my most recent columns because I thought this was a great topic and Im interested in hearing you all's thoughts on the topic of Unconditional Love and the many shades of gray that it operates in.

When I say we live in shades of gray what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Most would say that it means we live in a world where nothing is simply black and white!  Others may say that it simply means that we chose to acknowledge something’s and ignore others and use the shades of gray as a way of justifying our biases!  Then you have those that would say there is no such thing as living in shades of gray everything in life is either black or white!   Well, to answer the question accurately we may need to ask ourselves another question first which might appear initially to be totally unrelated.  This brings me to my follow up question do we, better yet are we capable of loving someone unconditionally?  Now before you answer that question think about it long and hard!  To love unconditionally and all that, that entails is something not to be taken lightly!  From birth we are groomed to love! We come out of the womb yearning to be comforted and to have our presence be acknowledged as to say we matter too.