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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Darryl Dwayne With Emmy Award Wining MUA Valente Frazier

Emmy Award Winning MUA Valente Frazier & Artist Darryl Dwayne

Morning Family... While show hopping during NYC Fashion Week I got the chance to play catch up with one of my old friends Valente Frazier.  Me and V go wayyyyyyyyyyy back!  My fellow Norfolk State Alum has been hard at work since we graduated from NSU.  He has continually crafted out a nice platform for himself in the realm of cosmetics.

Valente Frazier and Super Model Iman
Valente Frazier and Model Ayan Elmi

He is a highly sought out MUA who's worked with just about everybody who is somebody in the entertainment business.  Most notably known for his work and long time working relationship with Tyra Banks and fellow supermodel Iman.

Valente Frazier and Trya Banks 
Supermodel Iman and Valente Frazier
Ciara and Valente Frazier
Valente Frazier and Rihanna
Kerry Washington and Valente Frazier 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Darryl Dwayne At New York Fashion Week 2012 "The Mataano Presentation"

Photography + Darryl Dwayne 

Good morning family although as of now fashion week has moved on over to Paris where designers are revealing their spring lines. I finally was able to steal away from the crazy hustle and bustle that is my life to talk a little on the beautiful collections that I got to check out during NYC's fall 2012 Fashion week.

Mataano Fall 2012 Collection Photography + Darryl Dwayne 

One of the hottest presentations that I was able to check out was the Mataano fall 2012 collection.  I've always loved the look of clean plush clothing and thats exactly what you get from Mataano's fall line.

Designers of the Mataano Collection Twins Ayaan and Idyl 

The talented young ladies Ayaan and Idyl managed to put together a collection that I feel is very wearable by todays modern woman.  I feel that this line speaks to the woman who may have a high power career but still understands fashion and embraces the softness and femininity of a woman in control.

Darryl Dwayne Wardrobe Styling (Director Of Costume & Design For Motion Picture "Incomplete")

Good Morning Family I know, I know that I've yet again taken another hiatus but, as always when I'm away I'm hard at work and play! (LOL)  Super excited about this project that I got the wonderful opportunity to work on that finally wrapped last year.  I was contracted out to be the Director of Costume and Design for Indie Film "Incomplete."

I had and awesome time working on this movie.  When the writer and director contacted me initially about this film project I found myself ready to dive in head first.  After reading the script I knew immediately that I wanted to be apart of this project.  

So I pulled together fashion story boards for all the main characters and went before the director, writer, ad, and casting director and laid out what I had.  I totally connected with each character in the film and in creating a fashion story line for each one became very important to me.  As the characters evolved through the film so does their wardrobing and styling.