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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Crown Fit For Royalty

Good Afternoon Family! I hope your summer is treating has you as well as mine has! This summer has been full of surprises! One unexpected surprise that I had this summer was being asked to sit in on the judging panel for the Miss Nationals Inc Pageant!  I was totally excited about the great opportunity to be apart of a competition that imparts a strong ideal of individuality and freedom of expression to young girls!

This pageant stood out from all the rest because unlike most it doesn't breakdown down self-esteem or put the young ladies through unnecessary bathing suit modeling, subliminally being reminded that their physical attributes mean more then anything else they may have to offer. The Miss Nationals was different!  They want to know and see what makes each young lady different in her own right!  The pageant is set up so that it highlights more of what each young girl is best at and giving them the chance to show true poise and grace in the process!

So sit back and enjoy and see some of the footage from the event! Press Play....…

Well, thats it for today family I hope you enjoyed and please do come back and check us out again! If you have any questions please feel free to email me at and if your on twitter feel free to hit me up @DarrylDwayne till next time ... BE BLESSED ....


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