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Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011's Stormy Forecast

Morning Family as Hurricane Irene continues to push away from us hear in the Southeast I begin to start tactfully formulating a plan to properly asses everything that was left in her wake.  I'm grateful that Hurricane Irene did not strike with the original anticipated strength that was initially forecasted. However, as the storm still works its way through New York I recognize that this storm was and is still a very deadly force of nature as some have lost their lives due to Hurricane Irene.

I recognize just how blessed we are here in the East and Southeast having had the prep time to prepare for the storm Irene unlike some of our US counterparts who experienced the deadly twisters that tore through the South and Midwest earlier this year.

I just want to remind you all that those regions hit hard by those tornadoes are still in recovery mode and although we have not had enough time to fully asses Irene's total impact we still should keep those who were less fortunate at the forefront of our thoughts

If you are able to contribute to the relief efforts do so online via where they will ensure that the funds reach the appropriate satellites to ensure the rebuilding of those communities lost in the storm.

To view live footage of the damage caused by the storms press play...

Tornado Damaged Alabama Aftermath Covered By OliveCoco's Darryl Dwayne from Darryl Dwayne on Vimeo.

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