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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dreamland (Snowstorm On East Coast To Come)

Whats good family normally I only share with you all of my new and exciting gigs that I'm working, and or some of my deep thoughts on love and relationships but today I'm going to allow you all to know a little more about me. I have always been a dreamer and I don't mean dreamer as in visions of ambitious goals that I chase after.  I mean as in literally a dreamer like I dream stuff and it happens in real time! Now I don't believe this makes me special or anything because all people dream and more then most have very similar experiences.  Most of my family dreams dream's that are literal and then they later happen in real life, so its something I've grown up with my whole life.

The point of me telling you all this is because last year around this time in November I had this dream about a very bad winter storm that hits the East coast specifically the Southeast region! Now normally I would just tell my family about the dream and write it in my dream journal and keep it moving but I have a really bad feeling about this dream. Not sure why I feel weird about this dream but I knew I had to publicly post it, and so I'm doing just that! 

Ok, so the dream starts with me watching the weather report and the weather man is forecasting the future weather for that week.  In his forecast he speaks about this front that is supposed to blow through that could cause a little precipitation but nothing serious. He even reaffirms that the likely hood of a significant snow accumulation from this front is highly unlikely. Well, almost immediately after he says this my dream flips and I'm seeing the overview of this neighborhood like a bird from the sky.
All of a sudden little snow flakes start to fall from the sky and at first it appears to just be a light snow shower nothing serious but then the snow kept falling, and falling, and falling.  Pretty soon this suburban neighborhood was completely covered in snow.  Snow like blizzard snow had completely consumed this region.  Then the dream flips again and I'm back in-front of the TV and the weather man is trying to explain why his original forecast was wrong.  Well apparently their was something about a low pressure that ends up preventing the front from moving out to sea and causes it to stall over the Southeast region fueled by the extra cold air being pumped in from the North and the wet weather brought along with the front that was initially supposed to be a quick moving front pushing on out to sea created the perfect winter storm/blizzard.  Right after that I woke up and I knew that this storm would happen sometime in the future even-though I'm dreaming this in November of 2010.  Now there has been a few snowstorms since this dream but not like the one I dreamed about so I know that it has not happened yet!  This storm is going to be pretty bad and not quite like anything that's been seen in a while so I guess thats the reason that I feel the need to post or share this dream with you all. Now best case scenario this dream is just that a dream and never comes to fruition but worst case I recommend that you all keep your pantries stocked with nonperishable items between through winter and fall and fall seasons, especially those who live in the Southeast.  Well, that is family till next time be safe and know that I love you all! 

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