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Friday, February 26, 2010

NYC Fashion Week (FASHION&STYLE Interview With Tobias Truvilion)

Good morning family I hope all is well! While snow tends to be one of the many poplar trends here in the East and South East, many other more enticing trends hit the runways of Fashion Week in NYC! Well, not even mother nature nor old man winter could stop or slow down NY as a plethora of designers showcased their fall 2010 collections!

Fashion&Style managed to catch back up with our favorite actor Tobias Truvillion one of the many fresh faces carving out a path in Hollywood diversifying the entertainment biz one motion picture at a time! Mr. Truvillion is one of the faces you will see in the new movie Brooklyn's Finest staring Wesley Snipes and Don Cheadle.  Want to know more background info about this incredible actor read my previous post " Presents Fashion & Style Interview With Tobias Truvillion!"

Natascha Bessez managed to get a brief interview in with Tobias in the midst of the hustle and bustle of NYC Fashion Week!  Mr. Truvillion speaks to his most recent project where he will be working with director Layon Gray.  We also get some insight on his take of fashion week and designer "Claudiae"  new fall 2010 collection! Enjoy the clip and this FASHION&STYLE clip is sponsored by City Slips.

Well, Family thats my time! This segment of FASHION&STYLE was brought to you Blink PR and Reynolds & Associates.  As our time draws to a close I am saddened cause as always parting is such sweet sorrow so I want you guys to make sure to check back with us!  Please feel free to leave a comment!  If you would like to get in touch with me feel free to hit me up on @DarrylDwayne or email me at Be Blessed!


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