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Thursday, February 4, 2010


What up Family hope all is well! Today I’m going to speak to all of you all who feel that the world of fashion should fit in your little box. I’m going to speak to those who get comfortable in one trend or fashion movement and when a new one comes along you have problems digesting the new!  Wake Up!!!! Fashion essentially is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  The only thing that may change is the functionality and or fabrication but at the bare roots of it all is still all the same!  I lead off with this because I am going to tackle one of the biggest issues with new and old hip-hop heads as well as with new and old fashionistas!  The topic “MEN IN SKINNY JEANS,” other wise know as the tight jeans!  The reason I’m addressing this is because enough is enough! People, the skinny jean for men are nothing new, and at one point YES MEN OF COLOR TOO wore the tight jeans/pants! Need proof?  

Grandmaster Flash!!!!

Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy E!!

See the proof for you dumb non-believing walking talking contradictions. Now if this is the case why are we surprised to see the skinny jean remerge again as if this is the first time!  I am most frustrated with the older guys out here who proudly once wore there tight Guess and Valentino jeans who now bash the young kids for picking up their once popular trend.
This is where the disconnect happens and why this younger generation does not connect with the older generation reciprocating back the same rude and disrespectful behavior hashed out by the adults because we refuse to acknowledge that we too walked to the drum of our own beat at one point in our life.

Now if you have been living for 20 years are longer then you know that fashion repeats every 10 years. So why do old out of touch MC’s and Bloggers write and speak to something they once did as if the 80’s never happened!! Please you're only lying to yourself and the more you rant the more irrelevant you become to this new generation!

I feel we should respect the young up and comers even if we don't always agree! Nobodies listening if both parties are screaming that their point of view is right!  So for the sake of fashion peace as Rodney King said “Can’t We All Just Get Along!”   Just like the big oversized jeans of the 90's went as big as they could go. We must prepare for the Straight Leg & Skinny Jeans to go as tight as it can go before moving on to a whole new trend!!

I close with this if nothing else RESPECT one another and stop trying to attach a stigma to an article of clothing because you don’t like it! Your not wearing it and nobody is forcing you to!  Below check out some more old and new pics of skinny jeans as they have been interwoven into our lives and urban driven market through the years!   Feel free Hit me up on twitter at twitter.Com/DarrylDwayne or email me at and Be Blessed, I love you all!



  1. Who can argue with you when the proof is in the pictures.

  2. @Venesha Exactly!!! LOL!! Thanks for stopping through please do come back and kick it with us anytime!