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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Presents FASHION & STYLE Interview with Tobias Truvillion!

Morning Family I hope that these up and down temps that are continually hammering the states hasn't completely caused a huge upset in you winter wardrobing! 65 degrees one moment and then 30 below the next with a chance of snow has all of us totally unsure on what season we are in! Speaking of temps I do know of a place where the climate is always Hot and Steamy! A place where beautiful people live and theres more drama then a Maury Povich show! Good guess but no it's not LA,
the place I speak of is just at your fingertips at

This week on you will find FASHION & STYLE interview with model and actor Tobias Truvillion. For all of my consistent readers you may recall some of my earlier post on FASHION & STYLE the new new's source for all things fashion and entertainment! Well, if you'er not already locked in I suggest you do that asap! You don't want to be the only one left out of the most innovative take on fashion news with in-depth interviews with some of the biggest and freshest faces to hit the scene!

Well, here is a little treat via the in-depth interview with Tobias Truvillion brought to you by FASHION & STYLE!

I hope you enjoyed that exclusive of FASHION & STYLE's in-depth Interview with Tobias Truvillion, brought to you by Reynolds & Associates Inc. Well, family thats my time I hope you continue to stay locked in here at The Darryl Dwayne Chronicles and if you're not already locked into FASHION & STYLE the time is now! As always I love you all and if you want to contact me feel free to email me at or hit me up on twitter @DarrylDwayne until next time BE BLESSED!!

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