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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Claudiae = Sense & Sensibility! (FASHION&STYLE Brought To You By Blink PR And Reynolds & Associates)

Good Day all! I know I have been M.I.A recently but between all the great happening's of NYC Fashion Week and the new gigs that I have been hired to work along with my regular 9-5, I've been quite distracted! But the show must go on and I must continue to bring you exclusive fashion and trendsetting news! Today I bring you more from fashion week a'la the best in the business FASHION&STYLE!  Recently FASHION&STYLE  host Robert Reynolds and Natascha Bessez caught up with designer Claudia of the beautiful women's clothing line "Claudiae."

In this quick behind the scenes clip you will get to hear from the designer herself on motivation behind her fall 2010 collection.  For all of you unfamiliar with Miss. Claudia and her body of work make sure to check out trust me you will not be disappointed!  Alex McCord from Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York was even in attendance at Claudia's show to view her new fall 2010 collection make sure to look close when you watch the clip... enjoy!

I would love to tell you her inspiration behind her line but I think she does is so much better so let me allow you to hear it in her own words.  "Finding my inspiration through old history costume books and adding a twist of soft fabrics, bright colors and some great prints to make the perfect piece.  Claudiae is developed to enhance a woman's inherent beauty with feminine clothing in beautiful colors and soft fabrics. I find color to be very important in the selection process.

My favorites to use are shades of turquoise and metallic.  I go for the feel of soft fabrics like silk jersey, cotton, sateen and silk chiffons which also makes my line Claudiae so fashionable and such a pleasure to wear.  Femininity and unfussy lines of my brand should appeal to a diverse group of shoppers especially independent, fashion minded women who know how to put their own look together."

Now speaking purely from a guys point of view I must say that Claudia's line Claudiae speaks to the type of women that I find myself attracted to.  Her sense of style comes across as an effortless but still sophisticated play on lose fitting women's clothing that still has a flair of Femininity !

Her garments vary from very structured and form fitting to billowy and free flowing. I love it because no matter which end of the spectrum you may be on  she has items that should appeal to the duality of the regular everyday girl on the go, and being a guy I can appreciate how she manages to keep the curves and feminine appeal even in her more casual pieces!

Us guys think about women pretty much 24/7 and we are almost 100% visual first, so to have a collection that captures the essence of a young lady's fashion forward beauty who may at times desire to dress sexy while being able to be comfortable then Claudiae is the collection for you!

Speaking of comfort I hope you guys paid attention to the mini commercial that ran right before the FASHION&STYLE clip.  City Slips  brought to you by Katie Shea and Suise Levitt are a wonderful way of persevering the sexy of my young city inclined fashionistas who yearn for comfort as they cab hop and work towards conquering their local concrete jungles.  City Slips is an all around winner because you can easily store them away as well as access them with no fuss and paired with a Claudiae top and bottom you should still be able to capture the attention of us guys while still being comfortable!

Well, family thats my time!  This segment of FASHION&STYLE was brought to you by Blink PR and Reynolds & Associates.  I hope you all enjoyed and please make sure to come back.  I love you all and if you have any questions fashion or otherwise feel free to contact me via twitter @DarrylDwayne or email me at Be Blessed.


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