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Monday, January 25, 2010


I bring to you one of the most inspirational movements in the world of mens fashion to hit state side since Columbus and his Spaniard homies crashed and introduced pants to the Indians. His name Andrew Nowell his vision is beyond basic and I'm captivated by his in-genius tailoring and streamline suiting.

Mr. Nowell a New York native who has been making major waves in
the DC area extending all the way to Hollywood with big time actors and artist wearing his brilliant designs such as Darryl Stephens and Jensen Atwood most noticeably known for their lead roles on Noah's Arc.

Andrew's taste level is above reproach choosing fabrics that connect with his target market while still maintaining a level of sophistication that can be appreciated by your modern trendsetters. His unique approach on mens clothing has set him apart from a lot of other men's designers who are to avant-guard for most men to digest. Mr. Nowell's serves up a fashion plate full of delectable sure to ignite your pallet seducing you to want more.

Brief Bio: Andrew Nowell Menswear - This New York City native's design philosophy is rooted in the music cultures of Hip Hop/R&B and Rock. After receiving a degree in Menswear Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.
Mr. Nowell fine tuned his design skills at some of the most influential and creative Menswear design houses in New York City . Mr. Nowell’s Menswear collections are described as being Modern, Sexy, Masculine, and Edgy. He cites the illustrations of Tom of Finland, 125th street in Harlem , Rock Band; Nine Inch Nails and Saville Row as his greatest sources of inspiration for his Menswear Collections

Andrew Nowell Menswear has developed a solid reputation and thriving private clientele that includes celebrities, professional
athletes, recording artists and musicians and has been featured in numerous fashion and trade shows events across the country.

The creative mens wear designer Andrew Nowell having a moment of reflection on the beach.

Sexy, Smooth, Sleek is the best way to describe the design aesthetic of Andrew Nowell. His point of view on mens fashion is refreshing and innovative. Being able to be categorized with the likes of designers Ozwald Boateng and John Varvatos, Andrew Nowell is now collectively included in that voice that speaks to your modern man. He is now working on breaking new ground in 2010 with more of his prolific sense of design inducing his viewing audience to fall into a fashion trance sure to captivate all whom dare to make eye contact. Are you ready for the next level in fashion innovation? Do you want to see a sneak peek of what Andrew Nowell has in store for us for 2010? Well here is a little something to quench your fashion cravings.

Well, Family that's it for me today I hope you enjoyed this fashion feast I brought to you ah-la Andrew Nowell. Fashion calories are always the best because you can over indulge all you want with the effects being even more beneficial after consumption! As always I Love all of you! Please do feel fee to leave a comment. Of course if you all have any fashion questions or general life questions feel free to shoot me an email at or reach out to me via twitter at thats my time hope you all continue to Be Blessed.

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