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Monday, January 25, 2010


Today is all about making that investment in you as a brand and for my entrepreneurs its time to seriously invest in your companies brand marketing. A lot of us get caught up in the whimsical world of fashion. We lose ourselves as we flip through the countless pages of editorials and advertisements in magazines.We inhale the aroma of fresh retail as it rolls out to the sales floor of our favorite flagship stores and boutiques. We digest the outrages prices that are attached to the garments of our favorite designer. We do all of this without a second thought, without hesitation, totally devout to our desires of owning that new luxury branded item Gucci, Louis V, Christian Dior. Why? Well it all starts with the eyes.

"Robert Reynolds The Creative Force Behind Reynolds & Associates
Inc." (Photo: Lisa Lopez)

“The eyes are the window into the soul,” a famous quote that has been used countless times before, but in the world of
fashion/business that famous quote is the axis for which it spins on. The things that motivate us to go out and swipe our credit cards all starts with a very simple but very important side of the business world called marketing and promotion! Without a proper creative team behind your business laying down the firm branding foundation for which your towers of business will stand then inevitability your towers will crumble. I bring to you Reynolds & Associates Inc. Making major moves in the world of fashion, film and business is Robert Reynolds the creative mind behind the multi media production company Reynolds & Associates. This dynamic company has birthed many brilliant ad campaigns for several companies. A recent fashion campaign Mr. Reynolds and his creative team have worked on was a brilliant lifestyle marketing campaign for “Elykssor.”

“The concept of the Elykssor Campaign’s theme was based on Robert Reynolds original idea, and concept interpreting Elykssor’s theory of Elykssor being a lifestyle for men and women. The shoot was produced in the lower east side of Manhattan and featured in the shoot is male model Rafaele Rivera. Keep your eyes out for Rafaele appearing as the new 2010 Marlboro Man.” ( Reynolds & Associates could just be the vehicle your company needs to help you stand out from the crowd of the countless other fashion designers and artist. You want to know more? Reynolds & Associates is a New York multi media production company in the fashion and film industries.

They specialize in advertising production, video production, graphic design, motion graphics, brand development, website development & even artist management. They offer their clients expertise and insight on every project with creative consultations, budget management, location scouting, casting talent and on-site coordination. Their strategy is to create the most compelling campaigns that will captivate and ignite your target audience. Most recently Robert has been hard at work producing his new show “Fashion & Style.” Mr. Reynolds new show features exclusives on brands, designers, celebs and more.
So Family you say, "hey, I’m already the total package all I need is the polish to help align me with the client base I aspire to do business with" My response would be "then you need to go to and work towards setting up a sitdown with Mr. Reynolds and his team I ensure you it will be worth your time." Well family dont look a gift horse in the mouth put your new found knowledge into application use this info to assist you in growing your brand forcing sales to increase ultimately thickening that cash lining in your pockets. As always if you have any fashion or general life questions feel more then free to hit me up on twitter @DarrylDwayne or email me at I Love you all and wishing you all the best as we continue to proceeded into the new year. Be Blessed.

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