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Saturday, January 30, 2010

7 Must Have Essentials For Men

thought that since I get so many questions about what are the essential items that men should always have in their wardrobe. I would give you guys my top 7 essential items for men! This is for all my urban entrepreneurs and young 
business men aspiring to look the part.

#1: As I have said many times before, a classic blazer is a wardrobe must. You don't have to spend a lot of money on this item but you should pay extra attention to detail ie accent's such as buttons, collar, vents etc.. Pick a blazer that has darting in the front to give you a more polished look. Great locations to pick up an inexpensive blazer are H&M, Burlington Coat Factory, and Marshals.

#2: A basic black suit is a need to have. Word of advice to my young men who don't own a suit at all always start off with a black suit. Even-though, a lot of stylist would say that a charcoal grey and or navy blue suit is just as acceptable in almost all arenas, I disagree. I believe that black is just a much sleeker and easier color to work with when it comes to accessorizing and pulling together a color story that works well with all complexions. 

#3: Every guy needs a pair of chinos. The Dockers brand has a no iron pant that looks crisp and creased right out of the dryer. You've gotta love wrinkle free! They also have a stain resistant pant as well. Truly a pant for the guy who's on the go and doesn't have time to fuss. There are many other brands that are just as awesome but for my young men on a budget looking to reach that corner office I suggest the price friendly Dockers.  

#4: A tailored fit shirt looks expensive. The other thing I like about shirts with a tailored fit is that you can wear them with jeans as well as a suit. Perfect for dressy casual looks! 

#5: A v-neck sweater that is made of a soft cotton/cashmere blend is perfect for year-round use. It definitely looks more expensive than it really is. And if you buy it when the department stores are transitioning into spring/summer you can really get it at a good price.

#6: A pima cotton polo is super soft (as you would expect from pima cotton) and a must have! A Polo is an essential piece because you can dress them up or down and they come in a wide variety of colors.

#7: Last but not least a pair of basic black dress shoes and a casual sneakers/walking shoes is a must. Dress shoes should always be basic unless you have experience in pulling together funky footwear with modest but well made clothing. If you want to be edgy then use your casual shoe for this option to go as far to the left as you want but not when picking a dress shoe! Well thats all family continue to BE BLESSED and if you have any questions and you want me to answer them then hit me up on twitter at

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