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Friday, March 30, 2012

Darryl Dwayne Wardrobe Styling (Director Of Costume & Design For Motion Picture "Incomplete")

Good Morning Family I know, I know that I've yet again taken another hiatus but, as always when I'm away I'm hard at work and play! (LOL)  Super excited about this project that I got the wonderful opportunity to work on that finally wrapped last year.  I was contracted out to be the Director of Costume and Design for Indie Film "Incomplete."

I had and awesome time working on this movie.  When the writer and director contacted me initially about this film project I found myself ready to dive in head first.  After reading the script I knew immediately that I wanted to be apart of this project.  

So I pulled together fashion story boards for all the main characters and went before the director, writer, ad, and casting director and laid out what I had.  I totally connected with each character in the film and in creating a fashion story line for each one became very important to me.  As the characters evolved through the film so does their wardrobing and styling.

Each character has an identity and I felt like they're wardrobing should be the punctuation to that identity.  In the South we call that putting the nail in the coffin, and I'm hoping that I did just that with styling the wonderful talented actors and actresses I got to work with on this film.

Well, I guess it's obvious that I won over the director, writer and entire crew as we got straight to work soon there after.  Now I loved pulling together the clothing for each character because each character had their own thing that made them pop.  The part I loved the most was the styling evolution of each character as their story progress through the film.

I liked that part the most because I was able to take the audience on a journey with me and the writer.  You get to see how one's emotional state of mind directly affects how and what one might wear.  A lot of the times when we, meaning you and I get dressed in the morning we don't put  a lot of thought into our feelings and physical state of being.  Despite that we still subconsciously dress to cater to our emotional and physical state of being unless we are purposely trying to physic ourselves out.

Some Behind The Scenes Shots Of Me Styling The Cast! 

So I had to place myself in the minds of the characters they were portraying to properly style them for each scene.  Overall I had a ball and had a dynamic team helping me make it all happen as we worked collaboratively to bring forth this beautiful film, "Incomplete."  I have to give a BIG shout out to CeCe and Calisa who were my right hand in pulling together the looks for the cast.  They seriously helped me make magic happen.  I also have to shout out my friend and clothing designer of "Noihsaf," Brehon Williams who made me a few custom pieces just for this film.

Me and My Assistant Hooking Up The Lead Actors Jaye and Mike Pain Between Takes 

Jaye and Don Dressed and Ready To Shoot Their Next Scene 

Me and "Shy" aka Sanura  In Completed Look! 

Me and Sanura After Prepping Her For Her Next Scene 

Me and CeCe handeling Business!

I can't wait for you all to see the film and if you want to see one of the first trailer's for this film just press play!

Loved how I pulled this look together...shooting EARLY in the AM at the airport

Me And Jaye shooting early in the AM at the airport

Me And Beyond Dope MUA Tasha Bailey Kicking It Between Takes  

Me Having a Vain Moment On Set Playing With My iPhone! 

Me On Set Playing With My iPhone

Me and my assistant CeCe getting Mike prepped for next scene

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