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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lust Over Love (Episode1)

Morning Family! I'm working on a new mini short story series titled "Lust Over Love" that can only be found exclusively on starting this week! For those of you that follow my blog and have yet to be hipped to OliveCoco Magazine you get a special treat. You will get to read episode 1 here on my blog! But to see the twist and turns of the characters in the series "Lust Over Love" you will have to stay tuned to OliveCoco Magazine! I hope you enjoy!

It’s been forever since Sidney has had a date and she arrived to this Greek party sponsored by her sorority sisters because they practically begged her to finally get out and have some fun!  Sidney’s friends also told her that they had a guy that they wanted to introduce her to as well and it would be worth her wild to come out!  So Sid put on her tightest shortest dress and paired it with her 6in BCBG heels with the peek-a-boo toe to show off her beautiful pedicure.  Sidney wanted whoever this handsome stranger is to see right off the top that she is not like the common females in the local area who only get their hands done but opt not to keep their feet up.  But right before she grabbed her clutch to head out to meet her friends she thought to herself, “Hold up, what if he’s ugly, or crazy, or both?” With a quick 360 back to the closet Sid grabs her lightweight violet colored floor length Gucci jacket to properly cover up all the goods incase she was dealing with a mudduck, and out the door she went.

Sidney has been at the party now for about 30mins and she had already ran into two of her friends the twins sisters Shanice and Sharnell.  Although Sid loves the twins she’s not as close to them as she is with the other two friends Crystal and Sara who were still M.I.A!  So as they waited the conversation for the most part was on the light side!  The twins stepped out on the dance floor a couple of times to really get loose but Sidney has always been the more reserved out of their group of friends so she kept it close to the table.  Finally a hour later she could see Crystal and Sara making their way through coat check and right then Sid received the text from Sara which read, “Hey Sid me and C are walking in now soon as we make it through coat check we will see you at the table!”

C and Sara make their way to the table and discover Sid sitting there working on her forth glass of Moscato wrapped all up in her violet Gucci jacket.  C says, “ Girllllllll what are you doing over here by yourself and where is Shanice and Sharnell?” Sid points to the dance floor and the twins were there in the middle of the floor with two guys a piece doing what they do best and waxing the dance floor with them.  C and Sid look at each other and burst into laughter in unison.  Sid says, “ C some thang’s never change,” C replies, “I know that’s right,” still laughing underneath her breath.  “Ummmm why are you still wearing your jacket you know they have a coat check girl,” Sara shouts abruptly over C and Sid’s laughter!  “And?! I know that there is a coat check but girl this is Gucci I want to keep my jacket close to me at all times! You know that most of these chicks are still in their undergrad and would kill to get their greasy little paws on my jacket,” Sid responds back while totally avoiding the real reason as to why she is still wrapped tight in her jacket.  Then Sid shouts,”Sooooo where is this guy you all were so pressed for me to meet?”  C looks at Sara and they both smile and say in unison, “he’s on his way in!”  Then Sara say’s “Eric, Sean and Luke should be on their way in soon. They let us out to park the car, matter of fact there is Eric right there!  Heyyyyyy, Eric we are over here,” Waving frantically.  Then Sid looks at C and says, “sooooo Luke is his name?! Sounds like he should be cute but I guess I will have to be the judge of that!” As she turns to the table to quickly down her 5th glass of Moscato while secretly thanking God for full bottle service tonight.  “I mean if Luke is busted I would hope you two would have enough sense to not try to hook him up with me cuz ya’ll know I’m gonna tell’em right,” Sid shouts over the loud music coming from the dance floor as she spins around to hear C’s and Sara’s response.  Right then Sid turned and was face to face eyes locked with this Luke character who had managed to walk right up on her, “Am I busted cuz if you think so I guess its best I know now so I don’t waste either one of our time,” Luke says in his deep velvety baritone voice.

As Sidney found herself lost in Luke’s aspen green eyes she too found herself lost for words altogether.  Luke say’s, well I’m not sure how to take your silence but I hope that’s a good thing,” as he smiles. C slides over to Sid and bumps her to snap her out of her trance as she’s just starring at Luke grinning ear to ear.  Ohhhh I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you over the music Luke maybe we should go over to the bar its even further away from the music and the dance floor,” Sid responded while thinking to herself that she just made a good save!  “Cool after you,” Luke replies.  As Sid and Luke make their way to the bar C and Sara look at each with big grins knowing that their job is done and now they can totally focus on their boyfriends Eric and Sean and enjoy the night worry free!   As Sid gets to the bar she quickly notices the very underdressed well shaped gold-digging pigeons that hang out around the bar hunting for their next victim.  To ensure that she manages to keep Luke’s full attention and to show these scalawags her superiority she starts to untie her belt on her Gucci jacket and slides it off as she glides closer to the bar.  By the time Sid and Luke made it to the bar the chickens were already clucking about the tall chocolate man on her arm and she even overheard one of the girls say, “dangggg he is fine if that hoe didn’t have her game on full tilt I would’ve been snatched him up…and he looks like he plays pro ball girlllll ohhhhh…!”  Hearing that made Sid feel even better about how good she already knew she looked and the arm candy that’s currently vying for her time.  Luke was already impressed by Sid’s caramel complexion and almond colored eyes and her silky weave free from what he could tell shoulder length hair, but once she slide out of that jacket all he could think about was how sexy her legs are!  Not only does Sid have legs that can run on for days but Luke thinks to himself about how beyond blessed she is in the back and sends up a quick thank you to Jesus!  Although Luke wasn’t the only one noticing Sid’s assets there was another set of eyes on the other end of the bar who had already clocked Sid and his mind was made up that he would have her and her number by the end of the night and if he’s lucky in that exact order!

Luke quickly ask Sid, “Ummm do you want me to go put your coat in coat check?  They only have these bar stools here at the bar and I would hate for your nice coat to be walked all over!”  Sid beyond impressed with his gentlemen like concern responded back, “Sure if you don’t mind as long as it’s not too much trouble?” Luke responded back “nooooo no trouble at all its only a few feet away from the bar! Matter of fact before I do that let me get you a drink what do you want?”  Luke knew that if he wanted to keep the low budget lames away from hitting on Sid that he needed to secure her a drink so that any guy walking by doesn’t have an easy open to approach his girl for the night while he’s checking in her coat.  Sid say’s, “I’ll have a fuzzy navel!” “Cool one fuzzy navel coming up,” replies Luke as he turns to the bar “Excuse me let me get a fuzzy navel please!  Thanks, here you go Sid I’ll be right back!”  Luke hands Sid her drink and heads over to the coat check.  Just then the other set of eyes that has been continually clocking Sidney and Luke notices his chance to slide up to Sidney and accomplish his mission.  Sid had just placed her drink down for a second to adjust the strap on her shoe when all of a sudden ice, orange juice and peach schnapps that had been in her glass came flying off the bar closely grazing her head while she was adjusting her shoe.  “Oh My Goshhhhhh, EXSCUSE YOU!! Did you not notice I was standing her,” shouted Sidney!  “My Fault Pretty Lady, I was just trying to get the bartenders attention and my elbow accidentally knocked your drink over none of it got on you right,” the stranger responded.   Sid said, “NO,” in a disgusted tone! “Well you know what I apologize let me buy you another drink, what do you want,” asked the fair skinned stranger.  “Well I was drinking a fuzzy navel,” Sidney answered.  “Really well if you like that I have another one for you trust me, you will like this one too and since I knocked over your drink I at least owe you two drinks so if you don’t like this one no biggie you still have another one coming,” the stranger replies.   Reluctantly Sid takes him up on his offer and he places the drink order with the bartender.  He takes the drink and hands if off to Sidney and she sips on it.  A giant smile starts to emerge across her face!   “Sooooooo by that smile I’m assuming you like it,” the stranger responded! “Okkkk yes you were right this is good what is it,” Sidney ask.  The stranger says, “I’m not at liberty to say until I get your name first!”  “Sir I don’t even know your name! I’m not in a habit of divulging that much personal information to random people I don’t know. You might steal my identity and before I know it I own two boats and five extra credit cards that are all maxed out,” Sid responded back in a flirtatious manner!  “Really? Well I’m Daemon I’m an entrepreneur and business owner and trust me with a guy like me you have nothing to worry about!”  Sid smiles and extends her hand and say’s, “Well I guess that’s a little reassuring my name is Sidney and my friends call me Sid! Nice to meet you Daemon!”  “No nooooo trust me Sid the pleasure is all mine,” Daemon responded as he had a slight grin across his face.   All of a sudden this deep baritone voice interjects and says’s, “so Sidney who’s your friend?” Sidney and Daemon both look up to see Luke standing there….

Make sure to check back at to see what happens next.  If you can’t wait then follow me on twitter @DarrylDwayne where I might drop hints on the next column!

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