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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thirst For Something Different!

Water is the life source of everything!  Without the physical manifestation of water here on earth nothing could or would survive! Two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen are the building blocks to this dynamic blessing called water!  We humans are a lot like water!  Shoot the majority of our metaphysical makeup is water!  And just like water we are products of our enviorment! We can be physically changed and or manipulated by our envioroments! Water can be poured into and depending on just what you pour into the water that determines rather or not if that water is no longer healthy for people to consume. Are you healthy for others to be around is your presence healthy for others to consume?

Since we are so much like water the same principle applies! Our environment helps to mold and shape who and what we are.  Kind of the same way that the integrity of a river is cultivated by villages it runs through! If the people upstream freely dump their garbage and unwanted waste into the river then the people down stream are equally affected!  The water is no longer healthy for either party to consume one party is rightfully to blame for it while the other party had nothing to do with it but still are affected by the recklessness of the people who live upstream from them! Seems unfair right, but thats kind of what life is like! We maybe born into unfair life situations but that shouldn't define us nor taint what we have to pour back into the world!

Now the people down stream have choices that they have to make. They already know that the people upstream are a violent people and they know that any confrontation about their negligent ways will only provoke them to war! So using wisdom the village down stream derives a plan where they will dig canals that run off from the river that will drain off into reservoirs that they built! Inside of these canals will be carefully crafted filtration systems setup using rocks wood and sand! This system will allow any and all big waste deposits to be removed from the water and the water that is collected into their manmade reservoirs will be boiled before use to kill off any unseen unhealthy elements that may be present in the water!  So now the village down stream had managed to take back what was unfairly taken from them!

Time passes and the village up stream is being wiped out by viruses and illness!  See the people upstream weren't just careless with their water supply but they took everything for granted and recklessly mistreated all of the land that they had inhabited making it the perfect breeding grounds for disease and illness to run rapid through this community!  This lead up to the dying off of the majority of this civilization causing them to have to search outside of themselves for answers!  They notice that the village down stream was thriving and totally opposite of their current condition and they wanted to know how and why!  This is the first time ever that the village upstream has ever seek'ed information or had a civilized conversation with the village down stream! For the Village upstream always felt that they were superior to the village down stream simply because of geographical location!  Now the people downstream could have washed their hands of the village upstream and continued to let them die off, but they new that would not be right even-though the village upstream has consistently mistreated them and has never done anything that would benefit them.  They saw this as a prime opportunity to teach and share with them the error of their ways in how they treated the water ways and the land!

Now lets step back for a minute and look at this village down stream they were dealt a bad hand from the start but in every situation they used wisdom before moving forward! My point is yes we in many ways are like water we can be mixed in with healthy and or unhealthy elements and being born into a world that is filled with both thats actually what we get! But we must be like the village downstream and make positive choices to filter out as much of the bad as we can and allow God to be our heat to boil/burn up any of the unseen elements that may lay deep inside of us!  The reality is that we will always encounter unhealthy elements that will try to mix with us and attempt to taint what we pour back into others and into the world. This is why we have to be vigilant  and realize what those unhealthy elements are, and if possible cut them off and or filter them out!  

Imagine that we are all droplets of water from a much bigger mass of body of water and one day we will rejoin that body of water!  Keep in mind this water is clean and the purest form of water there is, and if we weren't mindful in our filtration process and are beyond tainted then how can we rejoin something so pure we can't and even in being mindful we still will have to go through even further purging and filtering before reconnecting with this massive and very pure body of water! But if you never took the time to notice that you were not in your healthiest state in the first place then you would never desire to be connected to something that is much more healthier then you! Missing out on the bliss that can be found in the renewing healing waters of the deep of the deep!

Well, thats my time family I hope you all enjoyed this and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at and if you're on twitter you can hit me up @DarrylDwayne I love you all! Be Blessed!!

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