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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Men Of Color In Color!! "Where Color Is Always In Season!"

Good Day Family!!! Today is all about my Latino, Black, Asian and Biracial brothers.  For some of you this may be a shocker and for others you may already be well aware of this fact, which is, men of color look good in color. 

 So with that being said all of my family member's who are still hanging on to those white tees like they are some type of stock and bond, let them go!  True Jeezy and Jay-Z maybe trying to cultivate this new all black trend but fact is that color still captures more attention then the absecne of it the proof is in the pudding! The time is now to walk out of the black and white era into steaming color.

1.) COLOR YEAR ROUND:  Yes color year round is cool!  The old school fashionistas will tell you
that you should stick to color primarily in the summer/spring but one of the perks to being of color is we tend to hold color in our complexion year round. Unlike our Caucasian friends we can even in the dead of winter still rock bright hues and not looked flushed or have our brightly hued clothing be overwhelming for our complexion.  So when thanksgiving and Christmas come around just say yes to color.

2.) EARTH TONE”S ARE OUR FRIENDS:  Earth tone colors such as kaki, tan, brown and olive are excellent color selections for men of color.  Especially for the fall seasons, earth tones speak to the season change and you could always punctuate one of these earth tones with a bright color to off set the laid back cool of a kaki or a brown.

3.) KEEP COLOR AROUND YOUR FACE:  It is important to keep flattering colors that enhance skin and eye color around the face.  Yes skin and eye color all play a big part in selecting colors that will look right on you and your skin tone. Keep in mind that yes we are men of color but we all have different undertones to our complexion.  Most cases it’s going to be either a more red under tone or more of an olive undertone to you complexion. If U are unsure just go to your local mall and speak with a sales rep in the men’s department or make up counter and possibly acquire the makeup girls # while in the process of finding out your undertones in your complexion!

 By having this knowledge you will be able to better assess which colors work best against your complexion and enhance your eye color, cause as always your face at the end of the day is the focal point!

4.) WHEN IN DOUBT MAGAZINE STAND PLEASE CHECK OUT: Now I understand that not all of my brothers may be fluid enough in fashion to pull entire looks together and incorporating color in the process.  That’s why we have men fashion publications with pictures to demo to my guys who may struggle with fashion just how to pull their looks together.
Well Family that’s it for today as always feel free to hit me up on twitter especially if you have any fashion or general life questions.  @DarrylDwayne or email me at !!! BE BLESSED!!

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