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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"NOIHSAF" (There Is Nothing Backwards About This Fashion Movement)

Good Day fashion family!  I know it's been a couple of weeks but don't think that I forgot about you for one second!  In the mist of my coming's and going's I still managed to squeeze in a interview with one of the newest and freshest faces of fashion design Mr. Brehon Williams the designer of "NOIHSAF,"( Fashion spelled Backwards)!  For all of you who may not already be familiar with this young and very talented designer allow me the honor to introduce you!

Mr. Williams has been designing for the past five years starting while he was in the 10th grade! Graduating high school in "08" he already has a very strong sense of design and a clear point of view! He is currently enrolled in the school "Academy Of The Arts" based in California. He has yet to take any design courses in school. As he achieves his higher education he is working on knocking out  all of the basic courses first ie English, Math, Art History , etc.

Brehon is weighing his options on rather or not to set up permanent residence in Cali or NY. He says he is much more drawn to the West and could quite possibly see himself making that move permanently and setting up shop out in California.  "From roller coasters to designing clothes,"  is how Mr. Williams responded when I asked what ignited his love for design?  He claims that before designing clothes he actually wanted to design roller coasters!  I guess you can say his love for construction and abstract shapes has always been ingrained in him but instead of steal rods and electric cars he is now taking that vision and implementing them in his design process using new tools, needles and thread.

When asked if he would like to eventually have his clothing mass produced, he quickly said, "NEVER!" He loves the idea of exclusivity! He wants every person that wears his designs to feel as if they have a designer's original.  Brehon wants the consumer to feel and be a true individual knowing that only two or three other people may have the piece that they are wearing!  Although Mr.Williams is a very talented designer he is also quite the talented musician! Being able to play drums, keyboard, piano, saxophone, and the cello.

Brehon is currently single and says, "he is married to his work!"  However, he says when work is not taking the main focus in his life eventually he wants to settle down with someone who is totally opposite of him!   Mr. Williams says that whoever that special someone is will have to be able to keep up with him, he likes fast paced so they would have to be fast paced!

Tokyo is at the top of his destination list and a place he considers to be very inspiring! He believes that there is a market in Tokyo that would gravitate toward his sense of design and he has already generated sum  global interest in his collection.  Paris would be his next dream destination to place his collection.  He feel Paris is another hot zone that would welcome is avant guard style of design.  Originally from Chesapeake Virginia Tokyo or Paris would defiantly be a change of scenery for Mr. Williams.

The top four designers that inspire Brehon are John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Victor & Rolf,  and Gill Saunders.  His top three are his fav's because he is in love with what he describes as their, "Fashion Theatrics!" Gill Saunders is his one of his fav's because he connects with his minimalistic sense of design and add's that the collection always as a whole is just, "Chic." Victoria Beckham is at the top of his list when it comes to women/models who he would love to design for.

Brehon has been featured in several publications with write-ups in the Virginia Pilot, Cool-Air Magazine, and will be featured in Ink Magazine(fashion magazine) this coming spring!  He recently showcased some pieces from his collection during VA Fashion Week as well as the Heart and Soul Magazine event in DC.  This 20 year old designer would love to have a chance to be on the critically acclaimed show "Project Runway" but being a year shy of the age qualification he has yet to knock that goal out!

This Baptist Church Rockstar Fashionista is ready to take the world on by storm!  He says spending a good 75% precent of his time in church is another element that ignites his creative flow!  Brehon is one of the new breeds of multitalented designers who is emerging out of a not so fashion forward city to create a dynamic fashion forward movement.  He has a lot in-store for the fashion leaders of the world!


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