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Friday, March 12, 2010

Model Nathan H. Green AKA Mr. Spring Fever (Can You Feel The Heat?)

Morning Family as spring fast approaches and all of our clocks jump ahead this weekend a certain excitement starts to build! Our blood begins to boil and our spring fever starts to set in! Our bodies thirst for just a drop of that golden warm rain spurting from the sun after a longgggg winter of snow and ice!  We yearn for a freshness! We hunger for the new! Today I bring to you a fresh new face to the modeling world ready to take on the industry with that same vigor that nature does when the season's change!
His Name: Nathan H. Green
His Mission: Runway & Print Domination....

Mr. Green is still pretty new to the world of modeling currently a student at Morgan State University he had no desire to step into modeling initially! While pursuing his degree studying electrical engineering he was approached by organization on campus called F.A.M (Fashion At Morgan).  Once he was approached by F.A.M his new love for everything modeling had been ignited!  He now currently holds the title of Mr. F.A.M and just recently was selected as one the best models to grace the runway for "MANnequin," Male Fashion Show!

Although, Nathan is not currently signed to an agency he is looking to possible purse modeling as a career option and possibly even seeking representation by "RED NYC," or Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. The top four designers Nathan would love to work with are Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and Yves Saint Laurent!  He says that models Tyra Banks and Tyson Beckford inspire him because of their fearlessness in passionately pursuing their modeling aspirations! He says he can really identify with Tyson because of the ruff urban background that he came from! Nathan being a Baltimore Maryland native, he too derived from a very harsh neighborhood where there are always not a lot of options available especially modeling!  Mr. Green says that the model Wendell Lissimore is his current favorite model to watch and who he desires to emulate as he is one of the top ranked male models of color in the industry at the moment!

Nathan Green has been featured in "Style 101 Magazine," and continues to push for more features as well as pushing to book more work! At the time Nathan does not have any children however ladies and gents Mr. Nathan is off the market! He is currently in a new relationship for which he has been in for the past 5 months and is excited to see where it goes!  If you would like to converse with Mr. Nathan Green he does have a twitter page!

You can  tweet him at Well, Family thats my time I hope that as spring begins that you all will try to keep that spring fever at bay cause when you catch it, it's no stopping it just like it's no stopping Nathan H. Green one of the new faces to watch!

As always I love you all and if you have any fashion or general questions please do feel free to contact me! You can reach me at or hit me up on twitter @DarrylDwayne till the next time Be Blessed!


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  1. He really does have a nice look!!!! I never knew that was him on the flyer though...