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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Darryl Dwayne And Bravo's Chef Roble "The King Of Food Porn"

Bravo's Chef Roble with Darryl Dwayne 

Well, you know how they say you can't trust everything you see on reality T.V?  That is the complete untruth when it  comes to Chef Roble & Co. because what you see is exactly what you get.  I got the opportunity to experience the, "Roble Effect" first hand and it was far more then I could have ever expected. 

One Of Chef Roble's Custom Dishes 

I like to consider myself a foodie.  I'm from the South and a big part of who we are being from the South revolves around food.  Food especially in family units with people of color is used to show each other just how much we care for one another.  I come from a background where if you truly love someone then the best thing you can do is slave over a hot stove and pour out all of your love into a southern style smorgasbord and let your loved one's have at it.  

Chef Roble and His Right Hand Man Adam (Photography + Darryl Dwayne) 

The food that Roble & Co. created waltz across your taste buds and made you feel that Roble was your big brother welcoming you back home from a college life filled with food that was more like cardboard in light of a full bodied highly flavorful Roble dish. 

Every dish that came from the kitchen tasted even better then the plate being served before it.  It was like this wonderful food-gasmic experience  that got better and better until finally culminating to a breath taking final act.  
Chef Roble With Designers Idyl, Ayaan And Family (Photography + Darryl Dwayne)
Overall a great experience and one that I would highly recommend for all foodies to experience.  And if the food wasn't enough once you actually get to meet the very talented Chef Roble you find out that he's just as sincere and delightfully refreshing as the wonderfully mastered dishes he and his team creates.  
Bravo's Chef Roble (Photography + Darryl Dwayne) 
Roble is a cool dude with a humble spirt and a huge talent in creating eatable art.  He's very approachable and sincerely invested in bringing his audience his best possible work every time. Not to mention he's a fellow iPhone and Mac enthusiast like me. We had at least a five to ten min conversation about apple and apple products and that alone makes Roble extra cool  in my book. (LOL)  

Idyl and Ayaan with Chef Roble! (Photography Darryl Dwayne)

So to all my family on the web I strongly recommend that you book Roble & Co. to cater you next big event.  Word of advice for those of you who may receive an invite to an event that Roble is catering do yourself a huge favor and go you'll be glad you did. 

Of course I had the OliveCocoTV cameras with me so we managed to snag a brief interview with Chef Roble, to hear what he had to say.... Press Play...

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