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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Darryl Dwayne Choreographing For Dreamgirls Production

Ok Fam so I've been away for a min and normally when I'm away for an extended amount of time I'm hard at work juggling projects.  One of the projects that I had been contracted out to work was for this production of Dreamgirls which was dope! I had an awesome time working with the cast and crew.  Everyone was beyond talented.

Choreographing for this production was truly an honor, especially since it had already been done by some of the most talented choreographers in the world of dance. I wanted to keep the original integrity of the original production which was choreographed by the great late Michael Bennet; while still adding my own creative spin to the production. I believe that I accomplished my goal and that me and the entire creative team did an awesome job in the re-adaptation of this broadway classic "Dreamgirls." Now that the show is no longer running I'm sharing with you just a taste of some of what I did for the production and behind the scenes pics from the show.  

A few members of the creative team that made it all possible.

Me (Darryl Dwayne) with Musical Director Courtney Beard who also Starred a "Curtis" 

Me (Darryl Dwayne) with the very talented  Torenzo Blair who starred as "Jimmy"

Left To Right(Darryl Dwayne-Choreographer) (Courtney Beard-Musical Director/Lead "Curtis") (Torenzo Blair-Lead "Jimmy") aka the "Dream Team" lol

(Jessica Freeman-Lead "Effie White#1") (Courtney Beard-Lead "Curtis") 

(Alesia Lucas-Lead "Lorrell Robinson") (Darryl Dwayne-Choreographer)

(Breasean Jenkins-Costume Designer) (JadeBanks-Lead "Denna Jones") (Courtney Beard-Musical/Vocal Director)

Jimmy Early & Dreamgirls

 Press Play To See Behind The Scenes Footage Of Choreography........



Behind The Scenes of Dreamgirls




Behind The Scenes Of "Dreamgirls" 

Behind The Scenes Of "Dreamgirls"
Me (Darryl Dwayne) Bio Inside of Playbill Second Year Run Of  "Dreamgirls"

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